Emilio Giovanoli Quintet

The project emerges thanks to the impetus of Emilio Giovanoli, a double bassist and composer from Ticino, already recognized on the Swiss music scene as a versatile sideman. His objective is to bring together musicians who share a common vision, met during their studies at the prestigious Jazzcampus in Basel. The resonant and earthy sound of Emilio Giovanoli's double bass blends with the sonic landscapes created by the brilliant touch of Alexandre Cahen on the piano (France), the reactive groove of drummer Max Liebenberg (South Africa), the immersive playing of guitarist Martin Theurillat (Chile/Switzerland) and the aerial lines of saxophonist Lennard Fiehn (Germany).

Their imagination is nourished by the vast tradition of jazz, filtered through the meditative landscapes of the Alps. These omnipresent natural obstacles, with their peaks, lakes, and forests, provide a source of meditative inspiration, thus generating radiant, vulnerable, and communicative music. The first self-produced EP of the project, Refractions, is scheduled to be released at the end of 2023.

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